Song of Joy MUSICAL by DEMDACO Willow Tree®
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Song of Joy Musical Set to music and motion!  Introuduced: 2013.

Song of Joy Musical

                              Singing... Soaring! All in universal harmony                              

Turns and plays Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite: March”

Song of Joy now turns atop a musical base, playing a well-known melody from the Nutcracker Suite, “March”. The musical format shows off the hand-carved surface and graceful gestures of this angelic dancer.

“The poetry of movement in dance choreography is what inspired the gestures of these two pieces. I covered the surfaces with intricately carved symbols... on Song of Joy, the carvings are more celestial... sun, moon, stars... alluding to rhythmic cycles and seasons.”

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  • Manufacturer: Willow Tree® by DEMDACO

Song of Joy MUSICAL by DEMDACO Willow Tree®

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