Holy Family Set by Willow Tree®
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Three pieces in one. This includes the Holy Family, the Sheltering Animals and the Shelter

The Holy Family
Susan designed this intimate rendering of quiet tenderness and humanity in response to requests for a smaller Nativity. Measuring just 7.5” tall, this one-piece sculpture is as rich in color, texture and detail as The Christmas Story, but ideal for those with a limited display space or who wish to display the Nativity scene year-round. The richly painted figures of Mary and Joseph form a gesture of loving protection around their newborn child. Future additions may include animals and crèche, but it is complete in its simplicity at this time.

The animals
Giving watch, warmth, protection“The Sheltering Animals are proportional in scale to The Holy Family... smaller versions of other animals I’ve carved, with a few little tweaks in the details. I like that the gestures of their heads and ears express watchful attentiveness. My favorite is the goat – he shows his personality in his stance!” Tallest 3"h

The Shelter
“The repetitive swirling concentric mark-making is suggestive of twinkling stars at night. The roof is an intertwined, organic structure that suggests a bower of twigs or branches. Since the surface patterning is complex with tiny elements, I wanted to pare down the form to the simplest possible. It’s basically a single sheet of pierced metal, curved to allow it to stand and represent a shelter for The Holy Family and animals.“ 9.5"h

  • Item #: HFSET-2017
  • Manufacturer: Willow Tree® by DEMDACO

Holy Family Set by Willow Tree®

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