Dance of Life Ornament/Mini Angel By DEMDACO
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Dance of Life Ornament.  Introduced 2013.

Beautiful Mini Angel with string hanger attached.  Can be used on tree, on hook, or attached to the Creche.  3.5" Tall.


Dance of Life Ornament

                              Dancing... Twirling! The magical miracle of life                              

The ornament format shows off the grace and movement of this figure. In this smaller size, Dance of Life hangs delicately in arabesque. Her dress, deeply carved with pomegranates and birds, vines and berries, refers to the richness and renewal of life. Her gestures are highlighted by the deep evergreen of a holiday tree, or when hanging on an ornament stand year round.

“The poetry of movement in dance choreography is what inspired the gestures of these two pieces.”

  • Item #: 27245.8
  • Manufacturer: Willow Tree® by DEMDACO

Dance of Life Ornament/Mini Angel By DEMDACO

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